Screen Time For Kids | How Much Is Too Much?

Screen Time For Kids | How Much Is Too Much?

With how active and energetic children are, it can be hard to find a way to keep them occupied so you can do other things. This is why it can be so tempting to sit your children in front of TV for some screen time. This is completely understandable, as sometimes you need to make sure your children are occupied with something so that you can be free to do other things.

While this is convenient, too much screen time for children can be bad and any screen time before a certain age can hinder a child’s development. Before your child reaches the age of two, it’s best to keep children off screens as much as possible.

The Effects Of TV On Your Child’s Development

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While TV in small doses is fine and can even be educational, it’s best to set short and strict limitations on the amount of time your child spends on TV. Research shows that before the age of two, screen time can have negative effects on a child’s development.

Important things like a child’s reading skills, short term memory and language skills can be negatively effected with the introduction of a screen before the age of two. This is why it is best to limit your child’s screen time top at most an hour and it is best to keep the content they watch educational.

Ways To Limit Your Child’s Screen Time


One of the best ways that you can help limit your child’s screen time is to spend time with them. Playing with your child and interacting with them will be much more beneficial to their development than having them in front of a screen.

We understand that limiting children’s screen time can be really hard to do. You might need to sit your child in front of the TV to occupy them so you can be free. TV is admittedly really enjoyable and it can be hard to take your child away from it.

These factors and more make it hard to find an alternative to Television. This is what we had in mind when we were creating our various toys and playsets. We wanted to create toys that children would choose over TV. This would make it a lot easier to have your child spend less time on a screen.

Our toys are made so that your child will go to them over TVs with just how fun they are. Our toys offer endless options to your child when it comes to playing.

Why Our Toys Are Better For Your Childs’s Development

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With our toys, your child will learn to use their body and their mind together as one. With our toys like the Pikler triangle, your child will learn to use their body in ways that they haven’t before. Your child will learn to use multiple aspects of their physicality at once, working on their balance, coordination and flexibility.

They will also learn to use their mind to help them figure out ways to maintain those abilities. They will also train their imagination and creativity when finding new ways to play with the toys that we offer. We believe that the best way for your child to entertain themselves is through play and imagination. This is what we hope to provide with our toys and believe that we have succeeded.

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