Pikler Triangle | Benefits Of It For Your Baby

Pikler Triangle | Benefits Of It For Your Baby

The Pikler triangle is an excellent training toy for the motor development of babies and the early years of children. This evolutionary toy also reinforces the imagination and stimulates playfulness.

The Pikler triangle was an invention of the pediatrician Emmi Pikler, who observed that when babies have freedom of movement, they also stimulate their integral development. 

Pikler followed precisely the development of the babies and concluded that the sense of freedom allows them to reinforce the sense of self-care in the face of danger and autonomy.

The Pikler triangle is designed to stimulate the development of muscles and strength. The baby will soon learn to touch its bars and then discover the power of the hold.

Then he will learn to discover the use of his hands and feet, and as he grows up you will see how he learns to hold on, stand up, take his first steps and climb. 

Principles That The Pikler Triangle Stimulates In Your Baby

Emmi Pikler promoted four principles in implementing this evolutionary toy in babies and children, so know a little more about them and how you can promote them in your little one.

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Respect Your Child

Emmi Pikler considered it important to let babies and children discover their world from their own possibilities.

Babies are capable of discovering and learning from their own experience, and that is why she considered it necessary to provide them with spaces for playful learning. 

In the first months, your baby will surely see only the Pikler triangle, but Ponto will be attracted by touching it, and according to his possibilities he will explore it.

Stimulate Their Fine Motor Skills 

When babies and children have space, they can have total freedom of movement. This makes it easier for them to discover and manage their own abilities.


A guided baby will learn what you teach him/her. Things such as how to hold your hand to walk, to move when you give him/her a signal. A baby with freedom will discover how to move and use their limbs and keep looking for more possibilities.

With the Pikler triangle, he will soon be sitting down with the help of his limbs and will continue to discover as he progresses in his development.

Helps To Stimulate Emotional Bonding

Emmi Pikler considered that while it is important to encourage autonomy and self-confidence in the baby, that does not mean cutting the emotional ties. 

Comprehensive communication is necessary, as well as attention and pampering, making the baby feel safe on the path of self-discovery.

Stimulate your child with a complementary or understanding look. A hug or other expressions are useful too. This will help them know you support them so they conquer new goals in the Pikler triangle.

It Encourages Safe And Stable Development

In the process of discovery, the baby must have a stable atmosphere so that he can feel safe and develop.Provide a safe and pleasant environment so that the baby can develop. Place the Pikler triangle in a comfortable area and keep it in that space. Your baby knows the routine and will gradually add to it.

Where Can I Find The Pikler Triangle?

You can find an excellent Pikler Triangle right here at KIMBOO™! Our Pikler triangle is available in high-quality Russian birch plywood. It is covered with an environmentally friendly, safe oil for handling babies and children.

The design of our Pikler triangle is space-saving. We made it so you can take it out and extend it for playtime, then fold it up for storage.

This revolutionary toy contributes to the motor development of babies. They will learn to hold on, crawl, climb, and so much more!

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Give your baby the chance to grow and develop at his own pace. With this revolutionary toy, they will learn about so many aspects of their body. Your child will learn to use their strength, their motor skills, to coordinate their body. Your child will also learn to have the courage to conquer their goals.

We are aware that babies grow up fast. This is why the Pikler triangle can be used from the age of six months and they will grow with it. This toy supports up to 100 pounds of weight. You will soon see your baby become an infant playing house, tunnel, bridge, cabin or whatever your imagination allows. 

You can also combine it with another of our revolutionary toys, such as KIMBOO™ Original Pure. This is a multi-purpose wobble board. It can be a balance board, rocking chair, bridge, table, slide. It also works very well as an assistant for the Pikler triangle. Your children will find many possibilities of play by merging both toys.