About us

Our KIMBOO™ adventure began when my wife was pregnant with our first baby, Amelia. At that time, our friend, a paediatric neurologist told me the following: “Jerome, my one piece of advice to you as young parents:


Surprised, I read up on the subject and quickly realized that the research is clear – early exposure to screens can have long-term negative effects on young children’s development. Potential problems include attention disorder, language delay, myopia, and even depression.

We weren’t willing to take that risk for Amelia and decided to keep her off screens for at least the first twenty-four months of her life. We also wanted to share that information with as many parents as possible but didn’t quite know how.

In addition, we wanted to offer our daughter fun and durable toys that would help improve her motor skills (agility, balance) and also build confidence. Most of our searches led us to toys sold in EUROPE! There was a big gap in the Canadian marketplace and suddenly our KIMBOO™ family business was born.


First of all, we put a lot of emphasis on the quality and durability of our products, hence all of our toys are made in Canada. We also try to minimize our carbon footprint by using mainly wood as well as natural oil finishes that are biodegradable and non-toxic. Our very basic packaging is made of locally recycled cardboard.

Finally, we take pride in shipping our products quickly and for free across Canada. Most clients receive their purchases within a few days. Our toys are already preassembled, just take them out of the box and play!

Our adventure continues and we wish your little ones many fun years with our toys – far away from screens!

Monika, Jerome, Amelia & Nicolas