How to assemble your KIMBOO Premium House Bed

  • You'll need to be 2 adults and allow 1-2 hours to complete the assembly, depending on your skills and experience.
  • Those letters indicate where each element should be installed. Example: An element with the letter H should be attached to the other element with the letter H (bed support post + long bed side) and those letters should stick to each other.

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  • An arrow indicates in which direction an element should be attached - please make sure that every arrow points up, like on this picture
  • To assemble your bed you will only need two types of screws (provided) :

A) 8x large silver screws (for the bed base)

B) 30x brown screws 

  • To assemble your bed you will only need two types of tools:

C)  square screwdriver (not provided)

D) hexagonal key (provided)

1. Remove all the elements from the two boxes and lay them flat on a mat or rug. To make it easier, separate them exactly like on the picture.

1) Those parts will be needed to build your bed base: 
a1) 4x support posts
a2) 2x short bed sides
a3) 2x long bed sides

2) Those elements will be needed to build the upper frame of your bed: 
b1) 2x long rafters
b2) 2x short rafters
b3) 1x ridge beam
b4) 2x upper bed sides

2. Place 2 short bed sides (a2) and two long bed sides (a3) on the floor as seen on the picture.
3a. It's time to attach the 4 support posts (a1) to your bed sides. Follow the steps below.
3b. Make sure that the letters match each other and the arrow is pointing up.

3c. Start by assembling a support post to the short bed side with 2 silver screws (B) and using the hexagonal key (B) provided (or use an electric screwdriver to accelerate the process).

3d. Attach the long bed side to the support post with 2x brown screws (A) by using the square screwdriver (A). Screw until you feel resistance and tightness. DO NOT OVERDO IT. Repeat the above steps for all 3 remaining support posts.

4a. Once your bed base is assembled, it's time to build the "roof"! 

Assemble the rafters (b1+b2) together before attaching them to your bed base.


4b. Attach the assembled rafters to your support posts. The final result should look like this. Repeat process for the opposite side of your bed.
5a. Now it is time to install your upper bed sides to the support posts. 
5b. Make sure not to miss the brown screw at the bottom as indicated by the arrow on the picture.
6. Attach the ridge beam (b3) to your roof rafters.
7. Your Kimboo™ Premium House Bed is ready – time to sleep & dream!