What are the benefits of wooden toys for your toddler?

What are the benefits of wooden toys for your toddler?

In the past years, we have seen the Back to Nature trend gain in popularity. This trend is all about going back to our roots and having a more natural lifestyle. This is especially true when it comes to Children’s toys, as more and more toys are now made with natural materials. Wooden toys, for example, are a very nice alternative for parents who want to show to their kids the importance of connecting with nature. Offering your children toys made from natural materials encourages the development of their creativity and imagination, all while stimulating the total of their senses. Continue reading below to learn other ways that these toys can be advantageous for your children.


Awakening senses and imagination


One of the many benefits of wooden toys is that it helps stimulate your child’s senses. The following quote from St. Thomas Aquinas sums up the importance of stimulating your toddlers’ senses: “The senses are gateways to the intelligence. There is nothing in the intelligence which did not first pass through the senses”. Kimboo toys can also help develop creativity and imagination as your child will have the liberty to create his/her own game. They will not be restricted to following certain rules, as they can simply invent their own story! At Kimboo, our mission is simple, we want kids to have fun all while developing their intellectual skills. We believe that letting them play with toys that are made from natural materials gives them even more opportunity to use their imagination. Visit our website to find out more information about the benefits of wooden toys for your child.

Good for the environment and the local economy

Kimboo evolutive wooden Toys


Opting for wooden toys means choosing toys that are made with sustainable and natural materials. At Kimboo, all our toys are made with either Birch Plywood or Maple wood and most of them are certified for Health Canada Standards. At Kimboo, we strongly believe in the importance of supporting the local economy, which is why our products are entirely handcrafted in Montreal. Kimboo Toys are formaldehyde-free and covered with an eco-health natural sealer, which is non-toxic for your child’s health. Did you know that plastic toys may contain toxic agents such as gas or coal? One of our priorities is to offer safe toys for your children, all while encouraging them to develop their motor skills, strengthen their muscles and stimulate their senses. Get rid of plastic toys and offer them a toy that will last through time, while also helping the environment. Reduce your ecological footprint with KIMBOO™.

Promote a calm atmosphere

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Unlike many toys available on the market today, wooden toys are not noisy. They do not light up or make a sound when a certain button is pressed. With this said, they encourage your kids to play more peacefully and calmly. After much research, health professionals have been able to prove that too much stimulation may have harmful effects on young children. Wooden toys allow them to play in a calm environment while allowing them to develop their patience. With this type of toy, your toddler will no longer be invaded by noise pollution or external stimulation. They will therefore be able to use their five senses to create a game of their own!

Durable and economical


Wooden toys have been around for many generations as they are made from good quality materials and therefore, one of the more durable options. A wooden toy has the possibility of being passed down from generation to generation as they will remain in perfect shape with time. Since their lifespan is so vast, these toys are also a great economical alternative. As previously mentioned, they offer a wide range of playful possibilities for your kid, meaning that they are much less likely to get bored! Since the possibilities are endless, you will no longer need to buy a multitude of toys to satisfy your toddler.

Development of motor skills and balance

Kimboo evolutive wooden Toys


Kimboo wooden toys are ideal for promoting motor development. Since they are non-static toys your children will want to move around, slide, jump, climb and be active while playing. Kimboo wooden toys are a great way of encouraging your children to be more active! Our toys are also evolutive and can be adapted for kids of all ages. With this said, we do recommend a minimum age of 12 months before handling our toys. At Kimboo, we have developed the following two balance boards: the Kimboo Junior balance board (between 12 to 18 months) and the Kimboo Original balance board(for 18 months and older). If you have any questions, and/or want to learn about the safest way to use our toys, consult our user guide section.

​If you are looking for something different and special to offer a toddler, Wooden toys are an amazing and unique option. As previously mentioned, they promote creativity, imagination, patience and motor skills all while being durable and sustainable for the environment. Consult our product section if you are wanting to offer your child a toythat will allow him to play for hours on end! If you have any questions regarding our products, do not hesitate to contact us. It will be our pleasure to guide you and answer your questions!