Playtime | Why Is It So Important?

Playtime | Why Is It So Important?

Playtime is probably one of your child’s favorite things to do, right up there with sleeping and eating. Playtime isn’t just good because it’s enjoyable however, it also has some real practical benefits. These benefits are good to know, that you understand just how important playtime is for your child.

Why Is Playtime So Important


Playtime Is Fun

We might as well get the most obvious benefit of Playtime out of the way first. Playtime is super enjoyable and it’s good to have a way for your child to enjoy themselves. Making sure that your child is happy and able to have time to enjoy themselves is one of the best things that you can do for your child’s development. 

It’s Great Exercise


Play doesn’t just keep your child happy, it can also keep them healthy. Playtime for kids and exercise are pretty much the same thing. Playtime is and should be about having your child move, a lot. This will make them burn off all the calories that they have been eating. You don’t want to have your child sitting in front of a screen instead of running around, even if the latter might be more troublesome at times. Playtime is where your child learns about and experiments with their body.

It Helps Develop Their Physical Attributes


Speaking about how playtime is the time for your child to learn about their body. Playtime is can also be seen as physical training for your child in a way. With the simple act of playing, your child will develop a ton of different physical skills and attributes. Through play, your child will develop the skill and strength to stand, walk and run around.

The more obvious physical developments aren’t the only ones that happen though. Your child will also develop their stability, coordination and proprioception, which is the body’s ability to perceive its own position in space. All these attributes are super important for any child to develop early so they have a good start going into their lives.

Helps In Building Social Skills

Playtime is also the perfect time to make new friends and strengthen relationships. This way your child learns to socialize early on and develop those skills in a way that just can’t be done when they are older. This is why your child should learn to socialize young, as this crucial part of their development will have effects on them for their entire life.

This doesn’t just mean that you should have your child play with other children or their siblings. Playtime is a great opportunity for you to strengthen your bond with your children. This way you can build a strong and healthy relationship early on in life.

Helps To Develop Creativity


Playtime isn’t just about your child’s physical body, it’s also about their mind. Through play, your child will use their imagination in new ways each and every time. This will help develop their mind, helping to make them a more creative person in the future. Whether it’s turning a couch into a mountain or bringing a toy horse to life, you want to make sure that your child can be as creative as possible!

How To Make Playtime Even Better

All those reasons and more are what we kept in mind while designing our toys. Our proudly Canadian-made toys are designed to help not only make playtime even more fun but also help boost your child’s development. Toys like our Pikler Triangle and Wobble board help to further develop your child’s body and mind. We aim to provide every child that uses are products with the best time possible, all while making sure that they develop well.

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