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Holy Smokes! I wish I purchased this sooner. It's a very reasonable price, but it's definitely an investment piece. Once I ordered, shipping was amazing - it took 3 days to get to my door (within Canada). The most important part that convinced me to purchase through Kimboo was that it comes pre-assembled. No allen keys or construction skills required. It even folds up easily to tuck away if need be. Finish is natural and smooth. I don't need to go over with any sandpaper. My 22 month old LOVES it. Thank you so much for such an amazing product.


We bought the set of four pieces - KIMBOO bundle, for my daughter's 3rd birthday. I cannot express just how much she loves it and how incredibly well made every piece is. The triangle comes assembled which is amazing, and easily folds to store. Our home isn't very big, so that is a great feature. Our almost 1-year-old uses the triangle and arch to pull herself up as well so the entire set will be well used for years to come. Thank you for creating such incredible pieces for our kids! Highly recommended. (They shipped incredibly fast as well!! Definitely the best prices on the market, also, and believe me I did extensive research.)


Amazing! Kids love them. Exactly as described. Pure wood looks so fresh. Very smooth no need to worry about slivers. My kids are super rough on everything, so far they are standing up very well! My husband tested them out and they are very durable. Think I need a 3rd one for the baby because the kids love them so much they don’t want to share.


Well made, wonderful color, arrived assembled (thank goodness, finally something that didn't need assembling) and very strong. Would highly recommend. Bought triangle and ramp


Both my kids (12 months and 28 months) LOVE their balancing board and they use it in so many different ways! I highly recommend it!


We purchased this for our grandson who turned 1 year old and it is a very high quality, well built beautiful product. It also shipped quickly and was professionally packaged! Our two granddaughters enjoyed playing with the box as much as the climber!

Amazing climber. My 7 years old( 45lbs) loves it. This has been a great addition to my daycare playroom. It's used every day for climbing and crawling under. It has been a tent with lights, a hideaway, a spaceship, a mountain etc. Extremely sturdy and excellent quality. I also loved that all I needed to do was open the box and it was ready to play with. Assembly 2 seconds!!!


I am soo happy with the quality of the products I bought for my daughter. The items are beautifully crafted, there are no rough edges or surfaces- completely smooth.
I had a few questions prior to purchasing the combo and also while the packages were in transit. My questions were answered very promptly. I really appreciate the excellent customer service! I highly recommend the investment!


I noticed the wobble board I was shipped was making a cracking noise and emailed the seller to ask if that was normal. She responded within a hour and shipped a new item that day. The second board we received was perfect and my kids absolutely adore it. I would definitely order from KIMBOO again


It's was a 2nd birthday for my son. While my husband and I were checking it out he saw it lol 😂 and we can't get him away from it! He has nystagmus (a vision issue) and we hope this will help with his balance and just help entertain him in 1000 different ways, which I'm sure it will! That you so much for the fast delivery but most importantly for making something that will help my son in a way I couldn't I really appreciate it 😊 now I have to figure out a new birthday gift for him lol 😂


Very pleased with the craftsmanship of the KIMBOO wobble board. He will have many hours of fun with it and his smiles says it all. Thank you for introducing us to it.


Very fast delivery and very high quality. I love the design and how wide the triangle is. My son is going to love it. Thank you!

Twelve Oh Five Co

WOW!! My daughter (15 months) is absolutely in love with this. We bought all four pieces and she uses them all together as an obstacle course and sometimes independently. She loves trying to balance on the board and climbing up the triangle. Shipping was super quick and customer service was amazing. The quality is great (not worried about wood slivers). Would 100% recommend!!


My son exclaimed -- thank you for my piece of wood! It was his Christmas gift. He also calls it his surfboard and his toys are all having fun going down the ramp. 
Excellent customer service and really well made. Thankyou!

Laura Petronzi

Beautiful product that arrived extremely quick. I accidentally ordered the wrong piece and Monika was lovely and helped me arrange a quick and easy exchange for another product. She was quick to respond and my item arrived two days later. Would definitely buy again!